Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I sewed my last pages of my "? Love is" book together and looked over my sketchbook, through all of the processes. I learned a great deal this term. I definitely had no idea I would design all of the typefaces I did!


That was my goal when I started the project; I wanted more experience in working with different styles of typography. Regardless of how many failed attempts at one type to the other I made, I really did enjoy playing with typefaces and sketching out ideas. The research was also fun as I connected with designers in the field and received great advice along the way. I really enjoyed talking with Andy Vella a few weeks ago. I am still spinning from that day.

I was sweating at the end of this project, as I still needed to design one last typeface. I planned to use existing typeface When I started the book project; Helvetica, Bodoni and Old English style. The next thing I know I am designing all of the type for the book myself. How exciting and a little scary.

I found the first two typefaces quickly, but after a week of stumbling around and getting frustrated about the final typeface design, I relaxed and just stepped away from it for a day. The next morning I woke up and within an hour I had my final typeface design.


Needless to say I learned the power of relaxing and just taking a break away from my work.

 My three new typefaces: Natka the Great, Gavin Bold and Mary Light


I did make other typefaces along the way and will keep them for future projects and experimentation.


I still have a great deal to learn about book layouts. I set up the pages in InDesign, organized the pages in order how they will be printed, but still had problems when I took it to the printers.  I have a few pages that overlapped into other pages. I don't know if it is my layouts or the fact that I did not set the bleeds correctly when saving my PDF. It could have been the way the paper was fed into the printer as well.

Because I was printing two-sided pages for my book I was not able to use the large printers on campus for final work. I was forced to use the every day printers on campus or find an outside print shop. I did find a printer that was charging less for each print and much better print quality than the university.  I will research in the next few weeks and find more print companies, as the one I used did not have a selection of paper. 

I think, after designing two books in a row, I am interested in posters or even a website or animation would be lovely.  

I am ready! What's next!?...hhmmmmmm??!! 

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