Monday, 1 December 2008

Contents of my process/sketch book

I was contacted by Graham Smith, the head designer for Evolve Creative Limited. I did some work for them in 2006 and he agreed to meet with me to talk about layouts and printing.  I made an appointment to see him tomorrow, December 2, 2008. 

I also was contacted by again Clare Brass with SEED Foundation
Social Environmental Enterprise + Design I was contacted by Jonathon Porritt.  He gave her my name and said she would be able to help me much more than he could. Most helpful! 

She wants to meet with me a week from Friday, 14th of December.


yas said...

hi! how are you?
I am delighted your blog. the pictures are very interesting
my name is yas, and I am a student of tourism, I've created a blog for a course that is called tourist documentation of the practices I have to leave at least 5 reviews on different blogs, so if you told me you would appreciate it if only with a simple hello!
thank you very much!
a greeting!
Yasmina Suarez (zaireih)

goooooood girl said...
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Mary Anne said...

Thank you Yas! Good luck with your studies! :-)